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Review: Between

Between - Dora Hilburn

I got a copy from Netgalley when this was available as a read it now.


The idea was an interesting one, but I just couldn't connect to the story or the characters. The story was very slow and very dull, and I just did not like the main character. The writing was okay, nicely descriptive in parts, don't think I spotted hardly any typos or anything.

I loved the setting, the small town by the sea, and the idea of restoring a house rumoured to be haunted. But as I mentioned I did not like Anna, the main character. To be fair, for a seventeen year old she was extremely mature and responsible, but I found she had no personality whatsoever and was very very boring. I fail to see how everyone else in this novel was so wowed by her. She was dull beyond belief.


The concept of falling in love with a ghost was an interesting one, but it was insta love, and unless I read it wrong it it appearedthe ghost had been watching her her whole life which was just not romantic to me at all. It was insta love and it grew to be ridiculously sappy.

(show spoiler)



Anna's friends Eric and Gabby were the enjoy people I liked in this book, they were friendly, accepting and fun, and had personalities. Unfortunately for my tastes, Anna's relationship with Eric turned into a love triangle.


The plot was very very slow, most of it revolving around restoring the old house, the rumour it was haunted and the appearance of the ghost. And Anna subsequently falling in love with him. The love story itself was fairly sweet, but again, the ghost was so infatuated with Anna it became ridiculous and annoying. I came close to giving up several times as the story seemed to be going nowhere. Then about half way through a potential bad guy was introduced.


But it went nowhere. There were a few nicely written seems of Anna being very frightened of this news threat to her new love and world, but it trickled out in a very pathetic way without any explationation was to who the evil was, and why it was so obsessed with Anna.


It wrapped up okay, and to be fair, it was reasonably realistic and logical. There was just too much about this book that was frustrating and nonsensical for my tastes.