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Review: The Glass Casket

The Glass Casket - McCormick Templeman

I have mixed feelings on this book. The idea was appealing, I noticed it listed amongst fairytale retellings, but I can't quite figure out what fairytale is being retold. It felt more like an original fairytale on its own. 


The writing was pretty good, it was very visual, easy to picture the setting and the characters. My problem with this book was that the characters were dull and the plot was boring for the first half of the book. It was well over 150 pages before anything really got my attention. (The only reason I finished rather than giving up was because the book was a gift). 


I didn't really connect with any of the characters, I found them all rather flat with the exception of Jude, the guy no one really liked or listened to and seemed to be shoved off to the side a lot, but knew more about what was really going on in the village than anyone, but no one really paid attention to him. The heroine was irritating. She just rubbed me the wrong way, can't even really say way. She came across as a little snooty, she was smarter than everyone else in the village, dreaming of being a scholar and heading off to the royal city rather than being stuck in a dull town by the mountain. At least she had an idea of what she wanted to do with her life, but its a time where women don't get to decide for themselves, (which royally sucked, especially when she had the brains to do something). But her attitude annoyed me. 


A few horrible things happen right away, and a mysterious family of new comers arrive. But it seemed to take so long before anything else interesting happened. To be fair, the latter half of the book was much more action packed. Violent deaths start occurring, and the heroine's best friend Tom, takes a turn for the worst. 


The twist at the end was a good one, didn't see it coming. But the end was spoiled by a stupid twist on the romance angle which was really irritating. It was okay, there were some good things about it and some bad things. Not entirely sure I would really recommend this one.