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Review: The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

Quite possibly one of the stupidest books I have ever read. For a book about an alien invasion wiping out the earth and the surviving humans it was ridiculous. Laughably bad. 


The only character I particularly liked was Zombie, with possibly the exception of Nugget, the unfortunate five year old thrown into a horrible situation, everyone else I hated. There were two story lines running parallel, told in two different first person view points and the odd chapter from third person. Normally this doesn't bother me, but my problem with this book was all the view points just sounded exactly the same. The female lead, Cassie, was just annoying. Normally I like the spunky characters, but something about this girls attitude pissed me off to no end. 


The romance was lame and there's got no sense of connection or anything. Totally obvious as to how the two story lines were going to wind into one and totally obvious as well as to who Evan really was. The plot had me rolling my eyes and wanting to throw the damn book out the window, at one point Cassie whines how she's seen more death in six months than anyone in humanity. I was pretty much done at the point. I have never heard such a ridiculous statement. I more or less skimmed the last fifty pages or so just to see how it ended. 


Not series I will be continuing. I hated it.


Oh well, at least crosses off a square for Spring Bingo - Part of Trilogy.