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Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas

This is one of my most anticipated releases this year. Imagine my delight when the paperback I'd ordered from Waterstones came on the 10th of April instead of making me wait until release date in May. If I hadn't been at work when I got the shipping notification email I would have done my fangirl happy dance.


I liked it a lot but I didn't love it as much as I love the Throne of Glass books. 


The writing was just beautiful and the faerie lore and the world building was just incredible. There were certain points when the writing alone was just utter magic and certain times when the romance was swoon-worthy. 


However, the plot was almost a snails pace until about 150 pages in. Once I got past the 200 page mark it became impossible to put down. It seemed to take forever for anything to happen. I think my main issue with it was I just did not like the main character, Fayre. I found her to be very very boring with little to no personality at all. I just didn't get her at all. 


I loved Tamlin's mysteriousness and Lucian's snark. Even Feyre's sisters had more personality than she did and they were barely in it at all. One sister was a complete bitch and the other was sweet if a little dim. Fayre's strength does grow throughout the novel and I admire her determination and gumption when the plot finally gets going and to the unputdownable part when her love for Tamlin is put to the test. The romance had its moments and as I mentioned some truly swoon worthy moments, but its so slow in getting there.  


The world building and simply the writing alone are worth four starts. I didn't wind up loving the main character by the end, really. By the end I liked the book a lot, and I'm looking forward to next installment.


April, May, June Release square crossed off for Spring Book Bingo challenge.