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Review: Dreaming of Anitgone

Dreaming of Antigone - Robin Bridges

I received a copy from Netgalley.


A reasonably enjoyable YA contemporary about dealing with grief. Also supposedly based around the Greek tragedy Anitgone. Admittedly Anitgone is not a story I am familiar with so I can't really compare much of how the stories compared (but if you know nothing about Anitgone that's okay because the main character Andria and her friends are studying it in their English class. Kind of eye rolling). 


Andria is dealing with the untimely death of her twin sister Iris, the twins were not particular close, Iris died of a heroine overdose. Andria feels guilty because she didn't know anything about her sisters additiction. Andria lives in a small town with her mom and her stepfather Cliff. Andria also suffers from seizures and has her whole life. She was just about to take her driving test when she had a seizure the night before, also the night Iris died. 


The story tells of how Andria is coping, she's taking her seizure meds and it's a count down for each chapter to how many days before she can take her drivers test again. She's struggling to deal with her friends and Iris's friends and on top of that, the boy she believes is responsible for getting Iris hooked on drugs, Alex, has returned. Initially Andria wants nothing to do with him, even though he's been to rehab and is supposedly clean. Emotions and drama are pretty tense and high.


Andria finds her solance in poetry, she finds someone writing lines of poetry on her desk in her English class and they have a poetry exchange, the poetry really meant nothing to this particular reader as I am not a poetry person. It got kind of boring. For the most part the story was pretty good, a lot of reflection and inner monologue from Andria as things change around her and as Alex becomes more and more involved in her life. Nothing is as she thought it was. And it turns out Iris is hiding some pretty big secrets.


Things go from bad to worse and more and more dramatic for Andria and her mom, and Tkae a pretty horrible turn when a disgusting scandal involving Cliff the stepfather is revealed. More tragedy and disturbing events for Andria to cope with. 


The emotional impact was pretty well handled and Andria was a well written  character who's actions and reactions were well done and believable. And she has a few secrets of her own.  An enjoyable read for the the most part, my only real issue with it was that I thought the end was way to abrupt. Too open ended and left quite a few unanswered questions. That aside, a pretty decent YA read.


Thank you to Netgalley and Kensington Books for approving my request to view the title.