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Acid - Emma Pass I came across this book whilst browsing on Netgalley, initially the cover caught my eye immediately, the plot sounded a little blah, so I figured what the hell, and put in a request, thinking I most likely wouldn't be approved anyway. A week or so later I saw Acid in the YA section of a local bookshop on a buy one get one half price deal, so I picked it up and bought it. And wouldn't you know....I got home to an email from Netgalley saying we have approved your request to view this title. Oh well. Either way, it turned out to be one of the most awesome dystopians I've read in ages. I have a love/hate relationship with dystopian fiction....I either love it or hate it and half of the ones I've read I end up giving up on. Acid was a page grabber right from the start. Faced paged with action and a gripping main character from the get go the story was off to a fantastic start.While it irked me to no end that a female bad ass was in an all male prison, I was able to get past it and not let it bother me too much. I see no reason why it would have detracted from the character or plot to put her in a female population prison. It wouldn't have made Jenna any less strong or bad ass to learn to take care of herself in her situation. The story took off with a bang, and kept going with lots of questions and very little answers to what was happening. There were so many twists and turns it was impossible to figure out what was going to happen. Jenna was a pretty fantastic main character, thrown in prison for the supposed murder of her parents, by ACID, a brutal police force controlling the UK of the future. After being mysteriously freed and dropped into another new life, nothing seemed to be smooth sailing for her. On the run things go from bad to worse and it doesn't help that she ends up being caught up with the son of someone who died helping her escape and has to add trying to keep him from finding out.Just when things are looking up for them...of course things go hideously wrong and Jenna is exposed. And back on the roller coaster of trying to escape from ACID. She's smart at least and knows how to take care of herself and doesn't act like a simpering idiot when it comes to the boy she gets entangled with. No insta-love, no obvious romance, just hints at a possibility. Which I did actually like, a romantic subplot wouldn't have it in with the adrenaline pumping pace of the novel.The conclusion was surprising and one I didn't see coming, but it did have an actual ending. One storyline wasn't tied up nearly as much as it should have been, but I suppose that leaves options for a sequel some time in the future.