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The Necromancer’s Seduction - Mimi Sebastian A really good urban fantasy novel. The world building was top notch, and the plot was fresh and original. The characters were well written. Ruby, the main character was pretty awesome. A necromancer unsure of her power trying to maintain a normal human life and not get too involved in the supernatural world around her. She was a little attutidey, but not over the top bitchy. Smart and likeable and not over the top powerful. Granted she was supposed to be very powerful but she was unsure of herself and didn't flaunt it, needing to be rescued on a few occasions before coming to terms with her abilities.I found the take on demons in the supernatural world here really interesting. Generally speaking I always tend to think demons = bad guys. But while they're certainly not the good guys, the hierarchy is interesting and there's some definite grey areas. The love interest Ewan was a great flawed demon hero. Again, not completely a good guy, but not a bad guy either. He had really good chemistry with Ruby and the romance scenes were spicy and hot. The plot twists were well executed, the story was faced paced and even nicely gory in bits. A satisfying ending leaving the possibility for a sequel. I know I would love to see more from this world. A very good read.