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Dark Secrets (Dark Secrets, #1)

Dark Secrets (Dark Secrets, #1) - A.M. Hudson This was a freebie I picked up for my kindle from amazon.co.uk. I was initially a little dubious about it, sounded like an overly familiar plot. It did have a gorgeous cover though. So I read the sample chapters. The sample chapters were actually pretty good, I was even able to over look all the Twilight similarities. So I downloaded and kept reading. Unfortunately, the more I read, the more I disliked it. I quite liked the two main leads at first, though David did use some rather irritating and odd terms of endearment for Ara which I think might have been deliberate hints that he was older and mysterious, but frankly, it was annoying. I was even able to over look the insta love. But the plot dragged on and Ara became very whiny, selfish and extremely annoying and in the end she needed punching after becoming a complete Mary Sue. The book was very long winded and repetitive. At first I had a lot of sympathy for her, I couldn't even begin to imagine going through anything like she had. But her constant focus and crying and whining dragged and made her irritating. Her best friend Mike from her home town in Perth was actually a pretty awesome guy. But that just lead to the inevitable love triangle when he finally came over to see Ara. Who by then was completely obsessed with David. Who turned out to be a vampire. It took so long to get to that point, that by the time the big reveal came it was like, really? Yawn! One thing I did like however, was the rather unique take on vampires this book had. Not seem them done that way before. But of course he's not supposed to love a human and wanted to change her which left Ara with a big dilemma. Give up her life for the boy she loved or not? Which lead to repetitive inner turmoil made worse when Mike showed up and was crazy about her.Urg. It dragged and dragged and I started to hate the characters more and more and skimmed through large sections just to get to the end. Even after a big incident with David's mean revenge seeking brother didn't make the story any better. By the time I finished I almost felt like I deserved a star myself for finishing this thing and not giving up half way through.I love Twilight-esque vampire stories, but this one didn't do anything for me.