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The Red Queen Dies: A Mystery

The Red Queen Dies: A Mystery - Frankie Y. Bailey An enjoyable police procedural, reminded me while reading it of a Law & Order Criminal Intent episode. An interesting choice of setting, 2019, with some much improved technology in the world, but well done and realistic rather than being over the top. Nice to see a future setting without too much sci-fi techno stuff in.The novel focuses on three murders, two of which seem related and a third of a famous Broadway actress which has a few traits of the others but not all and the novel focuses on the two detectives putting together the clues and figuring out who is responsible. It was interesting enough, focusing on the detectives research efforts and talking to various suspects and putting it all together...and there was a enough mystery and clues thrown in to make it engaging. Though I did find it dragging a little towards the end.The story was good enough that I didn't actually guess who the killer was until it was revealed but it felt...a little bit...sort of...oh that's it? when they were finally caught. Over all, a good read and I would definitely read something from this author again.