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Divergent (Divergent Series #1)

Divergent (Divergent Series #1) - Somewhat torn on this one. And now I'm finished with it I'm still not sure how to review it as I didn't entirely like it all that much. There were some parts I liked, there was a lot about it I didn't like. On the one hand, the book was fast paced enough that I read the first half in one afternoon. But it was a month later before I picked it up again and read the rest. While it was an interesting idea, different factions with different properties for people to live in, and one girl who doesn't really fit into any of them, despite her efforts to fit into the most active and dangerous one.The whole world building and characterisation felt a little flat for me. There was no explanations as to how all the factions came to be in place. And most of the characters felt flat and two dimensional. Triss had some friends and some enemies in the Dauntless and a potential love interest. While there were times I liked Triss, there were times when some of the things she managed to do in her training amazed me, there were a lot of things I didn't like. She lied to her friends, and kept chopping and changing wanting to be in one faction and then go back to her original faction and then a page later she's back to thinking one way to try and be strong and fit in again. It got rather annoying, but on reflection I suppose this was the whole point about being Divergent. I will say that towards the end she was pretty bad ass. And some of the training things the Dauntless did I just didn't get at all. They're supposed to be brave - but to me some of the stuff just felt reckless and completely stupid. Yet there were some interesting bits - like the whole face your fears and control yourself reaction - that was a good part.I didn't particularly like the romance between Triss and Four, for the tone of book to me it felt unnecessary but I suppose there has to be something to make these people feel and seem human and towards the end of the book it did pay off quite well.The last two hundred pages of the book were really the best part of it. Over all and 2.5 star rating.