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Mortality - Kellie Sheridan

I won a copy of this from a Librarything.com Member Giveaway in exchange for a review.

Zombies are not usually my thing. Zombies in generally creep me out. So I was quite pleasantly surprised when this book turned out to be surprisingly awesome. Not read a lot of zombie fiction, so the way the zombie virus worked here, I found it quite original. While it wasn't 'Walking Dead' nightmare inducing scary, there was plenty of tension and action and a threat of danger throughout the novel.

I loved the two parallel running storylines between Zarah and Savannah, and while each girl was very different the stories worked well together coming to an end I didn't see (for lack of a better word) coming. 

I loved the sense of community built up by Savannah's town and her friends trying to survive together. And I also particularly liked how for the most part most of the characters were actually pretty smart and acted sensibly instead of running around like idiots screaming when zombies were around. The plot was well thought out and executed and worked quite logically.

As with most zombie stories, I always tend to find if you involve the military and things get silly. A militant group was the underlying threat beyond the deadly Zs, throughout with the premise of supposedly helping people in Zarah's storyline, but with other darker intentions in Savannah's.

The only character I didn't particularly like was Cole. He just didn't gel with me, and within minutes of meeting him Savanah was changing her mind from what she'd been taught to survive and going off with Cole on his story line. And kudos to her she doesn't become sappy and love struck but she does make some truly asinine decisions towards the end. While in one respect they paid off...but on the other hand its like...YOU MET THIS GUY TWO DAYS AGO, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?!?

In spite of that, though the book was extremely well written, and I did love most of the characters. Definitely looking forward to the sequel.