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Fate Forsaken - Chauntelle Baughman

I won a copy from a Librarything.com giveaway in exchange for a review.

A fantastic start to a new urban fantasy series. I loved the world building and the characters. The world building was unique and something I've not come across before. I also particularly liked how there were other species beside the standard vampires, shapeshifters and witches. Elves and Fae worked in to the landscape without managing to make it too over the top. The take on each species was new and interesting and gave all the characters plenty of dimensions.

The plot was fast paced, revolving around some very powerful magical magical items going missing and a representative from each group coming together to look for them to stop their magical world from falling apart by deadly hands. One thing I particularly liked was that none of the characters brought together for the mission were particularly thrilled with each other. None of them get along, and I enjoyed the journey of how they had to over come their personal objects, and suck it up to work together. You see them grow as people throughout the story and become more rounded individuals in spite of their issues.

The action was intense, it was well plotted, and the romance side didn't over take once it happened. The chemistry between the two characters that got together worked well, and their relationship built throughout the the novel to a great conclusion.

While the novel had a definite ending, it was clear there was more to come and I'm definitely looking forward to the next one.