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The Demon's Song - Kendra Leigh Castle

It wasn't badly written or anything, the characters were likeable, the romance between the two lead male and female characters had good chemistry and I liked that they didn't automatically fall madly in love, it was angsty and they had to work through their feelings before realising they were crazy about each other. The romance scenes were hot, the story was fast paced. There was some fairly good world building. However, it still felt a little blah to me. 

There was nothing particular about the plot that grabbed me from the get go and made me go ooh, I love this. I also found the plot a little predictable. From certain points you could sort of see where the story was going to go. 

While it was by no means a bad book, it was a likeable paranormal romance, but it was only okay for me.

Thank you Netgalley for the review copy.