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The Rush (The Siren, #1) - Rachel Higginson

Unfortunately I did not like this book much at all. It started off very well written, and quite intriguing. Ivy was a perfect stunning girl with a seemingly perfect life coming back to school after some sort incident with a boyfriend that ended tragically. I found it quite fascinating at first to see Ivy hating this perfect shell of a life she lived in, exquisite looks, fabulous apartment to live in. Something about a curse and a desperate yearning to be free when she reached adult hood.

[Her mother and her friends all seem to live in the same life of luxury and it has something to do with a man introduced as Nix, a friend of the mother's who is impeccably dressed and handsome and very very scary. If I hadn't read some of the reviews to see where this was going, from the way the story was going, I would have assumed that the mothers were high class escorts who seduced rich men to drain them of their money, and Ivy and the daughters were being groomed to join when they became of age. Ivy is terrified of Nix. This was initially quite well written. He's one scary dude. Ivy is supposed to date the boys at her high school for practice.

Until one Ryder, comes along immune to her charms and has promises of actual friendship rather than being another conquest. But he has a girlfriend. And the girlfriend is actually one of the most likeable characters in the whole thing. She doesn't quite warm up to Ivy who's becoming more and more involved in Ryder's life. But she sticks up for Ivy on several occasions when the mean girls chew her out for the accident with the previous boyfriend. 

The problem I had with the story was the pacing. I found it to be very very slow. And extremely repetitive. Ivy hates her life. Ivy wants to be free. She's trapped, she's hopeless, and can't be near Ryder cause she doesn't want another incident. Over and over. By the time the truth comes out - she's a Siren of the Greek myth variety who lure men to her and they react badly when she breaks up with them. She wants out because she can't do that to people like her mother and the friends do. (hide spoiler)]

I must admit by half way through I was skimming through just to see where the Siren thing came in. I hated Ivy by that point, I found her increasingly weak and pathetic with no backbone whatsoever. Made worse by something that happens towards the end when she disobeys Nix and her mother. Something terrible happens and....nothing is really resolved. 

It just sort of ends... Not going to be continuing with this series