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All Together Dead - Charlaine Harris

On a personal note I gave up with the True Blood series about half way through season five deciding I much prefer the world of the Sookie books to the Tv show. I had an idea to read each book before each new season but I loved the books more so that idea went pretty quickly. 

This book was one of the better ones. The last two felt sort of fillers building up to more vampire action, of which there was plenty in this book. It started off quite mundane I suppose a reminder that life in Bon Temps goes on regardless of vampires, we're sand whatever this wonderful mystical book world throws at us.

Then we get to the vampire summit and there's murders, bomb plots, hidden agendas and all sorts going on. Very little focus on Sookie's complex love life, and more into the vampire politics side of things. Which is always fun to see, as much as I like turmoil of Sookie's love life, every now and again it gets a little much so this book was a nice break from it. 

Plenty of unanswered questions in this one which I hope will focus into the next few books, and not everything was wrapped up neatly, but it did have an ending that wasn't necessarily a cliff hanger, which was good to see. Book Sookie is one of my favourite female paranormal romance heroines. Very honest and down to earth, I love her inner voice and how she acts and behaves and while her choices haven't always been what I would agree with, I love her all the same. 

So a really good book in the series and looking forward to the next one.