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30 Day Book Challenge Day 2

"A book you have read more than 3 times"


The Shining, Stephen King.

I love this book. I have in this book in 4 differents, paperback, iBook, Kindle, audiobook. 


There's just something about this story that makes me keep reading it over and over and over. It's not a happy book by any means, its a very dark and twisted one. It's intense, violent, and down right fucked up and scary.


But I usually read itm about twice a year or listen to the audiobook. It's powerful and gripping, a troubled family trying to repair their routes with a psychic son trapped in a hotel of ghosts.


Children irritate me to no end, I do not like child characters much at all, but the kid in this book is probably the most likeable character in the whole story.  The hotel itself is a character in the way, and as dark and twisted as it is, it's history is fascinating, and I love watching it come alive.


Right up to the ending it's impossible to put down. (Book was way better the movie. Actually The Simspoons Halloween version of The Shining was better than the movie)