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September Books Round up

Ignite - Erica Crouch The Salbine Sisters - Sarah Ettritch All Together Dead - Charlaine Harris Die for Me  - Amy Plum Silence of the Wolves  - Hannah Pole Slumber - Tamara Blake Rogue  - Rachel Vincent The Demon's Song - Kendra Leigh Castle Magick Marked - Chauntelle Baughman Mortality - Kellie Sheridan

I read 14 books in September, including the 2 I didn't finish.


Angel Diaries Volume 1 by Larissa Hinton
Ignite by Erica Crouch
The Salbine Sisters by Sarah Ettritch
All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris
The Rush by Rachel Higginson
Rogue by Rachel Vincent
Silence of the Wolves by Hannah Pole
Slumber by Tamara Blake
Earth by Shauna Granger
Die For Me by Amy Plum
The Demon Song by Kendra Leigh Castle
Mortality by Kellie Sheridan
Magick Marked by Chauntelle Baughman
The Perpetual Motion Club by Sue Grange


6 were arcs from Netgalley (Ignite, The Salbine Sisters, Silence of the Wolves, Slumber, The Perpetual Motion Club, The Demon Song) 3 were wins from a librarything.com member giveaway (Angel Diaries, Magick Marked, Mortality), The Rush was a freebee from iBooks, Earth was a kindle book, All together dead, Rogue, and Die for me, were paperbacks.


(Die for me wins this months favourite cover award)

The two I didn't finish were Angel Diaries and the Perpetual Motion Club. Angel Diaries I read the first few chapters and couldn't stand the main character so I gave up. Perpetual Motion Club was a futuristic sci-fi drama/comedy. Didn't work for me; not badly written or anything. Just not my cup of tea.


Best books of September were Silence of the Wolves and Slumber.


I also attempted to start a book blog as well. Not much on there at the moment, a handful of reviews, and to break up the reviews, and since I'm not sure what else to put on there yet, a handful of pictures of my cat.