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30 Day Book Challenge Day 7

Red Dwarf Omnibus (Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers & Better Than Life) - Grant Naylor

"A book that makes me laugh"


Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers/Better Than Life omnibus, Grant Naylor.


Red Dwarf was a brilliant sci fi sitcom that ran on British TV for years and years, and still occasionally has specials and recently had a new series.


The book gives a little more detail on the characters and how they all came together and wound up floating around space. It's laugh out loud funny and you don't need to know anything about the TV show, as everything is explained in hilarious detail.


There's more than a few of the old tv episodes worked into the plot of both books (which if like me you've seen every episode so many times you can quote it word for word) makes it all the more fun.


I have both in audio form as well and must admit I do prefer the first book. Either way, no matter how many times I listen or read, its still funny and I've had this book for at least ten years plus.