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Circle of Fire  - Keri Arthur

A little disappointed with this one. It sounded good, so I put a request in on Netgalley, (I wasn't all that impressed with the first Keri Arthur book I read, I didn't even finish it) but I thought why not try again? My netgalley request was approved.

But the book wasn't as interesting as I had hoped. I wasn't impressed with the main character, she felt flat to me and not all that engaging, if anything, whiny and annoying. The male love interest was arrogant and annoying. The villains were laughable.

It was more the world building than anything that kept me going with this. The use of magic and the mysterious Damask Circle which I was hoping to see more of.

Less than impressed with the ending, which made me roll my eyes. 

Though I would be tempted to actually read the second book to see more of the world building.

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC.