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30 Day Book Challenge Day 19

The Awakening  - L.J. Smith

All caught up now. "Favourite book turned movie."


To be honest, I don't have a favourite book turned movie. After being so disappointed with Twilight, I now flat out refuse to see movies based on books I love. But one of my favourite books has been made into a TV series, so I'm using that instead.


And once again, I come to Vampire Diaries.


I remember hearing about this and being mildly amused as the Vampire Diaries fandom was one of the first on line book fandoms I found years ago and there were always discussions of if this was a movie who would play who and such. They got Damon and Stefan right but I was less than thrilled to see Elena was not cool and blonde as the heroine of my youth had been. And some of the promos I saw of Stefan and Damon fighting looked ridiculously cheesy. (Even if Damon's attitude was dead on). 


And it was like...what book is THAT from?! No Meredith, Elena's snarky best friend, no little sister, no Aunt Judith. Caroline wasn't a bitchy redhead. (in fact while I hated book Caroline, TV series Caroline is probably my favourite character). And no Italian Renaissance history for Stefan and Damon. I loved their historic Italian back story. 


I watched the pilot, and actually didn't hate it. I watched a few more episodes. Then ignored it until it came out on DVD. I watched the first ten episodes and found myself becoming more and more addicted. I even ended up quite loving the new portrayal of Elena. And now have all four series to watch.


Even though the TV show is actually nothing like the books. Which is usually a breaking point for me. If the show is nothing like the books I usually hate it. (Secret Circle trilogy was another LJ Smith book series I loved, started off good but I ended up  hating the TV show after the first half a dozen episodes because of that reason - nothing like the book). 


So sometimes books turned into TV series can work even if the story is reworked from the original.