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30 Day Book Challenge Day 24

Dead Spots - Melissa F. Olson Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

"A book you wish more people would read"


Dead Spots - Melissa F Olson 

I read this earlier this year and its one of the most original takes on a classic urban fantasy world I've read this year. Scarlett, the main female character, living in a world of vampires, shifters etc who helps the vampires investigate things is a Null. Something happens around her that completely drains supernatural beings of their power. She has no extra ordinary gifts, she stops creatures from using theirs. I've never seen anything like it. There was hints of romance, but it wasn't the main focus of the story. Scarlett is in some deep shit with the vampires she works for and gets dragged into a mystery of a handful of dead bodies and winds up helping the police and the werewolf community too. Well written, great action and nicely gorey in parts with a strong female lead with an awesome concept on power. 


Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Kali is a "normal" girl who goes to high school during the day and hunts monsters at night. Sounds like another Buffy wannabe. (I quite like books like that anyway) but this was another fresh take on the teen vampire hunter. Kali has instincts to hunt that become uncontrollable. And if you like sciency explanations to do with why - then you might enjoy this one. I did. No sappy love story, no werewolves or shifters or other stuff like that. Gross creatures, some big battles, and scary scientist bad guys. A refreshingly original take on an old plot.