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30 Day Book Challenge Day 25

Dark Angel - L.J. Smith

"A character you relate to the most"


Dark Angel is actually one of my least favourite books because I find the plot to be very superficial.  Though in a weird way, I completely understand and find Gillian Lennox to be a character I very much identify, from when I was her age. 


The plot of Dark Angel was tiny, unpopular Gillian who has never been kissed at 16 wants to be in the popular crowd and get the most handsome boy in her class David, to be her boyfriend. After a near death experience she meets an Angel who comes back with her (in the form of a handsome boy) who begins to guide her and teaches her how to be popular and get the guy to notice her. 


What annoyed me about this one is how David didn't notice Gillian until she dressed up super sexy and then suddenly every one notices her and the popular kids flock to her and become afraid of her. Afraid not to be nice to her. It's'...superficial and annoying. Gillian and David are the soulmate couple of the book who are supposed to have this epic connection between them. But its so blah.




 And it turns out Gillian is a lost witch with awesome superpowers and a place in the Secret Night World society. And her 'angel' isn't really an angel at all but has another secret leading her to discover more about her place in the Night World and who the good guys and who the bad guys are. 

(show spoiler)


That all being said though, I can totally understand Gillian and where she comes from in wanting to be in with the cool kids and go to their parties and have the hot guy fall madly in love with you, which makes her easy to relate to. Though Gillian does grow up by the end of the book coming to the understanding that popularity isn't everything and she's okay if she never speaks to the popular kids again. 

(Though to his credit once he realises that his perfect girl is in Gillian, David does stand by her to the end even discovering her secret). 

(show spoiler)


While I wasn't overly impressed with this book, I like it in a way because I can understand the characters. 


(Also, the names Gillian and David as soulmates gives the X-Files fan in me a giggle).