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The Summer Man - Perry,  S.D.

Not exactly impressed with this one. 47 North gave me my first auto approval from Netgalley and I found this one while having a look at some of the titles were offering. It sounded quite interesting, and got off to a good intriguing start. 

As a pointed out by another review of the same book I read, some of the grammar was a bit off, very very long sentences and very long paragraphs as well. Whether it was the formatting on the kindle version I was reading, I don't know, but some paragraphs seemed to be entire pages long.

While the premise was interesting enough, normal small town, summer tourist season kicks off and people start acting weird and going murderously crazy. One teen develops psychic mind reading abilities and can see murders and stuff before it happens. The pacing was also extremely slow. You'd get a nice gory bit, then lots of different characters introduced and long stretches before anything else really happened. It felt...rambling and was off putting. About half way through I got very bored and started skimming through.

Towards the end things picked up in a rash of craziness, but then the actual end was extremely disappointing and I found it to be a total cop out. 

So while an interesting idea, didn't work for me.