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The Immortal Rules  - Julie Kagawa

This was one awesome book. Dystopia. With vampires. And zombies. And no unnecessary soppy love story. Allison is easily one of my top favourite female characters from this year. She was a total bad ass, and smart too. I liked her immediately right from the start when the very dark tone of the novel is set. It's a kill or be killed world ruled by vampires. Serve them and things are marginally better, otherwise, fight for survival.

The world building was violent and damn right creepy, and excellently written. Even when Allison connects with humans, there's a sense of hope, yet foreboding at the same time, because I kind of knew it was going to go hideously wrong at some point, but you don't know when. And kudos to Allison, she didn't turn into a soppy love stuck girl when she finally met Zeke, a boy she could connect with. She knew getting involved was risky, and didn't ignore the internal warnings. 

The attraction between Allison and Zeke was there, but was well done for a dystopian, and the lack of romance worked for me. The wanting, but knowing it couldn't happen kind of made it more appealing. Especially with the dark over tones. 

And the other thing I thought was well done, was while the book certainly had some Christianized themes to the plot - finding Eden in the darkness of the world for one - it wasn't preachy. And one thing I hate is being preached at. It drove the plot forward and gave hope that there was something to work towards. 

The action was kick ass, and page turning. The plot and characters were engaging. I loved it.