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Dance of Shadows - Yelena Black

Well this turned out to be nothing like I thought. I was sort of expecting a YA version of 'Black Swan' with this one, but it was nothing at all like Black Swan.

I liked it a lot, all the same. Started off interestingly enough, though was a little on the slow side, but I liked reading about Vanessa adjusting to life at NYBA, getting to know her friends, and the real reason she was there - the search for her missing older sister who had disappeared at the school shortly before. 

Wasn't too impressed with the insta-love with the male dancer Zep. He was more annoying than mysterious. I found Justin to be the more interesting male character as there was a lot more to him that some hot guy. Sort of a little predictable at first with the plot, but as the story goes on and more missing girls pop up the mystery increases. And the last bits of the book threw the plot in a completely different direction.

Something I would never have guessed in a YA ballet novel which made it more compelling and surprising to see how it turned out. So definitely looking forward to the next one.