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Ten - Gretchen McNeil
Reading this book is like watching a really bad teen slasher film full of cliches with a terrible script, bad acting and laughable dialogue with over the top gore and sex. Only it's a book not a movie, and this didn't even have the laughably OTT gore and no actual sex.

It' was just...bad. Annoying characters, and obvious plot. Though to be fair even though you knew exactly what was going to happen i didn't see the reveal for who the killer was until the twist at the end. But by then I didn't even really care anyway. I was glad most of the characters were dead because they annoyed the hell out of me. 

Ten teens stranded in an island when they think they're going to have a weekend of partying and oh surprise surprise they start dropping like flies. I would probably have been better off reading the original Agatha Christie novel this plot is based on. 

At least it was a quick read.