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Black Heart - Morgan Dreiss

I won a copy through a librarything.com member giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

I really really wanted to like this. The plot sounds like it was right up my alley. Urban fantasy with a serial killer plot and with the added bonus of a lesbian relationship. Which is not something I see a lot in paranormal romance (of which I read a hell of a lot) and usually jump at the chance to get.

Unfortunately, I found I didn't really enjoy this story all that much. The idea was a good one, there was some interesting world building. Though some of it felt like info dumping, there was something new to learn about how various species interacted a lot. 

The idea of a serial killer praying on supernatural species and the creepy way he left the bodies was kind of morbidly fascinating. 

But the whole thing revolving around the killer was far too Norman Bates-ish. Hell, this was even quipped in the story.

(show spoiler)

I didn't particularly like the characters either. I found Nasira bossy and condescending, and Annie a lot more likable. I got no sense of feeling between the couple. There was something odd about the whole tone of the novel, almost parodyish and colloquial. 

Thank you to librarything.com and the author for providing me with a copy, I guess in the end this story was just not for me.