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My Heart Be Damned - Chanelle Gray

I picked this book up when it was a freebee for Kindle from amazon. The cover and title were a little cheesy but the book turned out to be surprisingly good. Entertaining and fast paced, though I found the first half to be rather Buffy like.

Though the story grew on its own despite my thoughts that it was too similar to Buffy. Female hunter only one of her generation, two best friends as a 'Scooby Gang' and a love interest who may not be all human. Even so, the story turned out pretty dam good and Amerie was a pretty kick ass main character al on her own.

I wasn't impressed with Marshall much he was too much of a jackass for my rates but I could see where he was coming from when everything was explained in the end. 

An enjoyable read and I look forward to more from this series.