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Snow White and the Vampire - Marina Myles

I received a copy from Netgalley. 

I loved the first book in the Cursed Princes series, and now finished the second book I actually love the second book even more. At first I was starting to wonder where the Snow White retelling comes in. But as soon as the story gets going, it weaves itself brilliantly into the narrative.

Dimitri was a swoon worthy hero, Alba was a fantastic strong female lead. Both characters complimented each other well, their relationship was worked on through the novel, their chemistry was amazing, sizzling. The relationship as the plot advanced was hard work so when they were together....ooh, boy was it ever hot!

The writing was top notch, and the historical elements weaved into the plot worked surprisingly well, the London setting (which admittedly isn't something I've been a fan of in the past, wanting English paranormal romances in parts of the UK other than London or Scotland) either way, mixed in with Jack The Ripper, it was pretty damn absorbing.

Who would have guessed you could mix Jack the Ripper in with a vampire paranormal romance and a Snow White retelling? It may sound like a lot going on, but the way the story came together worked really well.

Adding into that a gypsy curse and an Egyptian one. The threads came together beautifully and vividly. Mixed in with some emotional angst I was rooting for Dimitri and Alba to overcome their obstacles so they could be together after some steamy nearly but not quite encounters. 

A good cast of supporting characters as well, including Alba's stepmother in the wicked queen role and a few spanners thrown into the Dimitri/Alba relationship - including a beautiful femme fatal vampire with links to Dimitri's past as another good twist in the plot.

All in all a fantastic book. Bring on the next one!