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Snowblind - Christopher Golden
3.5 stars.

I received a copy via Netgalley.

A very enjoyable, engaging novel. The intense snow and small town setting made for a very atmospheric creepy horror. Lots of characters to get used to but each story line was well written and connected well with the flow of the plot line. A good mix of small towners, some likeable, some not so likeable and some rather meh characters. 

Even with such a large cast it all came together to be quite intriguing. Some nice creepy buts worked in. Basic plot being twelve years ago a huge blizzard came to a small town and scary stuff happened. People disappeared and died and the people left behind had to find ways to deal and move on.

Now another storm is due to hit and tension is high and creepy stuff is happening again. 

Quite absorbing one I got into it, not so much horror in the shock and gore more of a something in the dark and snow that until the end you don't quite know what and how real it was. Coupled with some nice chilling snow storm description it was intense and definitely had a creep factor. 

The plot worked well with some good twists and a sneaky last minute didn't see that coming ending. 

Overall an absorbing read perfect for a dark winter night. Thank you Netgalley and St Martin's Press for approving my request to view this title.