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Death is but a Dream - Erin Hayes

I received a copy from Netgalley.

The idea behind this book sounded fantastic. Unfortunately, the book itself turned out to be rather a blah one for my tastes. The world building was awesome in the start of the book, I loved the unique way that the Greek Underworld had been modernised, yet managed to combine all the familiar gods of Greek myth and some original characters as well.

I didn't gel with the main character, Callie. I found her irritating almost immediately. However, I did enjoy the plot. The plot made it interesting, which was what kept me reading. Callie finds herself in the underworld after a bad accident, and Hades hires her to find out who's been trying to murder his son Plutus.

Its rather amusing reading about Callie trying to work her way around the Underworld, even though I didn't like her character much. I found her annoying and very attitudy. Callie, short for Callista her preferred choice to be called was a recurring theme throughout the book. It got annoying. they're Gods and goddesses and demi gods. If they don't want to call a character by a nickname, they don't have to. Personal observation, just something that bugged me.

Up until about half way through, the plot was pretty good. And then...it all sort of got...daft. At some point Plutus and Callie find themselves in the Mortal World headed to New York city and from then on it really went down hill and my interest dwindled. I found the New York scenes cliched, and after that I was really skimming through to see what happened in the end. I was less than impressed with the end and everything wrapped up nice and neat.

The world building in the start was brilliant, and while this particular novel just wasn't for me, I would definitely read something else by this author.