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The Golden Locket (Unbreakable Trilogy, Book 2) - Primula Bond

I received an ARC from the publisher, an invite to view the title via Netgalley.

3.5 stars. 

Review contains some plot spoilers. 

I loved the first book in the series, so much I pre ordered the second book from iBooks. Then a few months ago I got an email with an invite from the publisher to view via Netgalley and did a little happy dance. I was dying to continue this series. 

The publisher asked that reviews not be posted until release date. Ok. I was going to be on holiday on release day so it would make good plane reading. Didn't quite manage that. I didn't cancel my pre order either. It wasn't until the middle of December that I actually started. I don't know what it was...for some reason I couldn't get into the second novel on the kindle version I had. I have since bought both books in this series in paperback and it's the paperback I finished. 

The second instalment focuses on Gustav and Serena in New York where her photography career is taking off. The first book left off on an awesome cliffhanger. 


Cousin Polly's new boyfriend was Gustav's estranged brother Pierre.

(show spoiler)


 This takes the drama up a whole notch. There was a big ass argument between the two brothers, and Serena throwing her own two cents in. Serena has several new commissions in New York which lead her down a whole new level of sexiness and voyeurism.

While I enjoyed the story very much, the first half seems to be about Gustav and Serena testing boundaries and the strength of their relationship in the desires and delights that the creme of the crop of New York have to offer, I didn't find the plot as gripping as the first novel. Some of the sex was smouldering. Gustav is as sexy as ever. Dominant without being a jackass. And smart enough to know how to handle firecracker Serena. The sex was fun and some of it was extremely hot. Though I found myself getting a little bored with it in this second instalment. 

There wasn't so much Serena and Gustav. 

He gives her free reign to try new delights whilst doing her sexy photography commissions within certain boundaries. I think he gets the impression that if he tells her no she will want to try the sex stuff more. They talk a few fantasies and things happen and of course it all goes hideously wrong when Pierre hires her for a commission of a theatre and burlesque group he runs.

(show spoiler)

 I think that was what made it dull for me. I understand where Gustav is coming from and admire him immensely for it. 

The latter part of the novel kicked off in the drama. Not putting too much in about Pierre as that would be some major major plot spoilers. Gustav's terrible ex-wife Margot plays a huge part as well all though she's never really seen. The threat of her is still a heavy presence. 

Either way, I certainly had fun reading it so a huge thanks to Avon for letting me view the title. I'm dying to read the final book in the series.