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The Girl and the Raven - Pauline Gruber

I received a copy from Netgalley.


Well this one was fantastic! A fast paced plot with an immensely likeable lead character. It does follow a little bit of YA cliche to start - death of a parent, sent off to new town, discovers new powers, and a potential romance.


Even so, that didn't really matter because it was such a good story. Lucy is sent to live with her uncles where she discovers some a family history she never knew about - as mentioned in the blurb - she's half witch half demon. Some really good world building, and what I particularly liked was the friendships built with some of the other girls she meets, (apart from one or two who were trashy and bitchy!) And some of the adult characters were fun too, family was actually present and a huge part of the plot instead of being absentee family so that was refreshing.


No insta-love as well! Lucy meets sexy neighbour Marcus and while there's insta-lust definitely, it takes time for their relationship to happen. So another plus.

Only thing I can note really is some inconsistency with the spelling of a minor character's name. One of Lucy's friends is called Suzy, and thorough out the story the spelling of the name changes from Suzy to Suzie. It's a little distracting.


Other than that, great story! While its sort of concluded, there is an option for a sequel or possible series to come. So definitely looking forward to more.