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Jaded Stone (Souls of the Stones, #4) - Kelly Walker

I received a copy through Netgalley.


A fairly enjoyable fantasy read. I actually finished this one! (The last few epic fantasy type novels I've requested through Netgalley were rather disappointing so this one was a nice breath of fresh air).


I read first 20% or so reasonably quickly, but admittedly it was a while before I read some more and then again before I finished. The writing was okay, the plot was okay, everything seemed a little middle of the road.


I did find the main character likable enough but a little naive. As a Princess she was very unshakable in her belief in her kingdom, but then when she ventured out - and turns out the commoners don't hold the Crown in the same high respect she does and she's affronted by this. She just can't understand why. I found that a little annoying.


Though in the second half of the book (once I got past 53%) I found the plot really picked up. The main character gets some hard knocks and resolve to do something about it. Which made her more likable. There were some very moving scenes of hard to deal with grief which were quite emotional and well written. And gives the Princess the kick she needs.


She had always been a little high strung (in my opinion) but really pulls herself together for the good of her people, she makes some tough decisions to hope to improve the situation for her kingdom.


An enjoyable read, and while I might not have much of an interest in more of this series I would certainly be interested in more from this author.


So thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for granting my request to view the title.