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Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne

As much as I enjoyed the other books and the beginning of Mockingjay, I found the end to be rather disappointing. After reading a mixed bag of reviews, I knew someone 


(show spoiler)

but it was sort of wanting to know how it happened and what was the aftermath. It was...disappointing.

It all ended too neatly and conveniently for my tastes in spite of how dark the rest of the book seemed. Granted, it was never going to be a happy ending, but it was still a let down. The bulk of the book was dark, intense and gripping.

I started this book in November shortly after I finished Catching Fire, though it wasn't until I saw the Catching Fire movie that I picked up Mockingjay and made a decent dent in it. Already having Kindle book versions, I bought the new shiny cover UK editions hoping maybe a paperback would make me pick the book up and finish it.

(I had been putting off finishing it for ages sort of because once I knew I finished Mockingjay it would all be over.)

Even though I wasn't overwhelmed by the ending, I'm still glad I read the books