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How To Disappear
Sharon Huss Roat
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Jenny Moyer
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Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass)
Sarah J. Maas
The Winter Sea
Susanna Kearsley
Progress: 25/544 pages
Ryan Graudin
Progress: 9 %
False Hearts
Laura Lam
Progress: 43/366 pages
There's Someone Inside Your House
Stephanie Perkins
Progress: 20 %
Once and for All
Sarah Dessen
Progress: 151/400 pages
Fireblood (The Frostblood Saga)
Elly Blake
Progress: 24 %
The End of Oz
Danielle Paige
Progress: 53 %

I already posted on my goodreads update status but I'm excited!!


I'm looking forward to starting Great Imaginations Bookish Bingo tomorrow. Link -  http://www.great-imaginations.com/2014/03/introducing-bookish-bingo.html?m=1 


iIs it a bad thing I've already planned out most what books I'll be reading?