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I received a copy from Netgalley.


I did actually request this book from Netgalley twice. Once when it first came out which I think must have been the US version, I didn't hear back from them for months and correctly assumed that I had not been approved. So when I saw the book up again for the UK version I put in another request. Once again I didn't hear anything for several weeks and probably thought wouldn't get it again as it was reasonably close to publication date. So I went and pre ordered the Kindle version from Amazon. 


On the morning of release day I got my email from Amazon telling me the book was now available and downloaded it to my Kindle. And guess what? Checked my emails lunch time at work....wouldn't you know I actually got an approval email to view from Netgalley. Oh well. 


As it turned out, I really enjoyed the book. The mystery aspect caught my attention right off. The book starts with the heroine in a very dishevelled state wandering around and picked up by local police and taken to hospital. Something horrible has happened but she has no memory of anything at all.


I read this book in two sittings. The story was completely absorbing. Despite the fact that I didn’t actually like most of the characters. The main character Sam I did like, as she has to discover all about her life and what happened to her. She’s a spoiled rich bitch and before The Incident she is the biggest bitch of all.


She goes through a turmoil of emotions as things start to unravel as she discovers who her friends are, who her boyfriend is. What her family is like. Most of these people are all of the uber rich variety and are awful people with the personalities of a dish cloth. Sam to her credit is horrified by her behaviour and realises with help of some people her bitchier self rejected. She has been given a second chance to be a better person.


I thought the book dealt with her memory loss very well and the terrible things she goes through trying to get her memory back and figuring out what’s real and what’s not. And even though I had several theories about who the killer was, I didn’t guess right at all. Exceptionally well written with a very twisty turny plot. Kind of soap opera like, but very enjoyable.


So thank you Netgalley and Hodder and Stoughton for approving my request to view the title (even though I already purchased a copy) I enjoyed the book immensely.


And I’m crossing off a square for Book Bingo – due to the nature of Sam’s memory loss and how she has to handle it – for me this is checking off the ‘Features Recovery’ square.