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I won a copy through a BookLIkes.com giveaway. Even when i lost my copy after the kindle app on my iPhone crashed and I lost the document I contact ed the author and she provided me with another copy, so thank you for that :)

This turned out to be quite different from what I expected, and I'm please to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did get a bit confused when starting the book, with the hero and heroine having the name nickname of Cal. Her name Caledonia and his name Calvin. But the flow of the story made it easy to get around that. It wasn't something that cropped up all the time.

The story was quite original, which I liked to see. Caledonia has an unusual ability and her parents keep her away from the public and raise her out of the way in the woods. Tragedy strikes and she has to go live with an aunt she's never met and deal with high school for the first time. Very difficult with her ability. Caledonia was a wonderful character. She was quite naive about the way the world worked having not grown up in it, but she learned to cope quite well and turned out to be amazingly strong willed. 

The bad boy love invest Calvin was a typical biker partying hooking up with random girls type. I didn't like him much when the book started, he notices Caleodonia right away but she quickly picks up on the bad boy biker partied thing and doesn't want anything to do with him. No insta love, it takes time for the to grow comfortable with each other. Calvin's biker brother and the girls who hang around turn out to be not so bad and actually pretty decent people when Caledonia does come into the picture.

And when the romance finally gets there...the feels in this book are so wonderful, it packs quite an emotional punch throughout. Both characters grow tremendously as people. Cali's abilities come into play an important part of the story and there are bad guys who come into play. Left open need for the next book, I would definitely be interested in where to see the story goes next.