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Breaking Free - Page,  Winter
I recieved a copy from Negalley.

For the most part I really enjoyed this novel. The ending though was a real let down after such a good story. I sent off a request to view this as soon as I saw it on Negalley, I was really looking forward to seeing a novel with a transgender main character. Raimi started off as a pretty cool girl. She knew who she was, what skin she was comfortable in. She had a good strong voice and strong sense of ethics.

I'm not entirely sure I believe someone as young as her can get transgender surgery (I did google the legal age of consent) and a lot of that bit was rather vague I think it's something that I can over look from the point of the story. Her family were supportive. Her dad was a bit of a jackass but her mom was a really good parent which is always nice to see in YA books.

The story revolves around her befriending and falling in love with cheerleader Clare and helping her come out of the closet and dealing with Clare's asshole of a boyfriend Brad. The relationship is well developed as Raimi and Clare work through their feelings together and deal, with the small minded people from their high school. And it doesn't help that the ex boyfriend is making things very difficult and is a truly nasty piece of work. 

Though I did find Raimi a little hypocritical in thinking how she needs to help Clare be true to herself and her nature, yet she has lots of secrets she can't bring herself to amidst. For the most part though, this is something that is dealt with remarkably well, and with plenty of emotion. 

Only the ending of the novel really really let's it down. It felt....rushed and unrealistic. Though the twist with the ex boyfriend was good..the ending was not good which was disappointing when the rest of the novel was so good. 

That being staid I would still recommend the novel for lovers of high school romance. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Harmony Ink for approving my request to view the title.