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A ranty review.   One plot spoiler I need to vent about because it really made me mad, spoilers are hidden.


This book pissed me off on so many levels. It got my attention immediately with its premise, three sisters discover their father is a Las Vegas billionaire and are flown off to live in his fancy ass hotel on the strip. I love Las Vegas. I have been many times, its one of my favorite places to go. YA book set there? A must read.


So so so disappointing. The characters were shallow and annoying. Three sisters - one responsible, one the rebel, and the youngest who just wants to be pretty and popular. Usually in this type of book I like the rebel type girl. The oldest sister Peyton, but her rebellious attitude was grating and obnoxious. The second sister, Courtney, the responsible one, was almost likable....but her actions made me dislike her. The most likable of the three was the youngest girl Savannah, the only one who wanted to embrace this wonderful new life, spend money, have fun.


Though Savannah fell flat pretty fast. 


She gets involved almost right away with a guy she meets, Damian, a hottie, 17 to her 15 and its revealed in a conversation with his bitchy friend Madison that the only reason he wants Savannah is because she's the most innocent of the three. A major major turn off right there.  The first night the sisters go to a club at the hotel, Damien's there, goes off with Savannah, they're getting hot and heavy in a private lagoon and he touches her under her bikini bottoms and initially she freaks out and says stop. Smart girl, right? He does stop, (clearly pissed about it) but then she starts thinking she's stupid and should have let him continue!?!?! This just infuriated me beyond belief.

(show spoiler)



I should have stopped reading there, but I was morbidly curious to see how it ended. It didn't. Its a huge  set up for the second book. Its basically three girls left to run around Vegas with an unlimited credit card. I also got the feeling it was trying to very Gossip Girly (there was an anonymous message board with gossip and snarky comments. But it was slut shaming and stupid without any of the delightful snarky bitchiness Gossip Girl has. 


So disappointed.