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Hexed - Michelle Krys

Well this went quickly from amusingly bad to just plain bad. Started out interestingly enough, but rapidly descended into absolute stupidity. Kind of like a bad movie where the script is weak, the acting and dialogue is abysmal and the villains are laughable. All of which this book has in abundance. But still sometimes the movie is laughably bad you keep watching. No matter how stupid it gets. Reading this book is like that. 


The main character is an idiot and has no qualms about using the uncool girl who is the only real friend she has. A ditzy cheerleader thrust into a world where she discovers magic exists and she has a destiny should be fun. Right? Wrong! 


One bad decision after another, and she has a tone of voice that sounds like a ten year old trying to be cool and flippant rather than an eighteen year old.  Awful. Just plain awful. Cocky love interest with an attitude, and kind of stalkery to boost. Villains supposed to bad but just obnoxious and their oh so scary dialogue is ridiculous. 


Ugh. Disappointing.