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We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

Disappointing. When I finished this book I tossed it aside in disgust. I have a fascination with the lifestyles of the uber rich elite. Especially "old money" style families which was what this book was about.


However, I did not like this book much at all. The narrative style was weird and confusing, the main character unreliable, annoying and selfish. The book was pretty much whiny poor little rich girl problems and I found myself becoming more and more annoyed. Rich girl, Cadance, and family spend their summers on a private idyllic island. With family drama.


It was quite interesting at first, the dynamics of who all these people were, despite the somewhat irritating tone of the main character. And the style of the writing. Which split off into sentence fragments and often had confusing descriptions.


In the first few chapters she is describing the pain of her father leaving her mother. She's watching him go and then says "and he shot me in the chest". Or something along those lines. Its like....huh? But strange things like this, random sentences occur a lot and I came to the conclusion pretty rapidly that they are really metaphors for how the character is feeling. I didn't find it clever....just...annoying.

(show spoiler)


Then something happened and the female lead pretty much fell apart, and the rest of the book was about her trying to figure out what the hell happened. It was the mystery of that that really kept me reading even though the more I read the more I disliked the book.

Even watching the main character's mind deteriorate I found myself unable to express much sympathy for her because I just did not like the character at all.

The twist at the end was surprising. Never saw it coming. But once again, the shock of it, is dulled by my utter distain for Cadance. I could rant on about it, but won't because of major spoilers.


Urg. Really disappointed.


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