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Everything Leads to You - Nina LaCour

This is one of the most wonderful, perfect romances I have read in a long time. I loved this book from start to finish and by the end I was a blubbering mess of tears. It was that well written.


I loved the LA setting, the inside look at how movies are made, and the characters were wonderful. The story centres on Emi, an intern set designer and her best friend Charlotte, who find a letter from a deceased movie star at an estate sale. The letter leads them to find the movie stars long lost granddaughter, Ava. The novel tells the story of Emi and Ava getting to the truth of Ava's past and discovering deeper romantic feelings towards each other.


Its an uplifting and wonderful story. I found it fascinating to see how a movie is put together through the set designer's part, even that of an intern. Emi has such passion and clearly loves her work. Charlotte was a great best friend. Had Emi's back all the way, listened when needed, offered help and advice.


This is one of the slowest building romances ever! When Emi finds the letter and the letter leads her to Ava she has an idea in her mind of how it will all play out...of course it doesn't and her feelings conflict a lot. They both grow tremendously as people throughout the story and build a wonderful connection.


It's just so romantic how it all fits together and plays out. And by the end I was crying my eyes out. I just loved this book so much.


Also, fills a few squares for my  Summer Bingo reading challenge this book was about two girls who fall in love so I'm crossing off square- Main Character is LGBTIA