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Review: All That Glows

All That Glows - Ryan Graudin

I was quite excited for this one, a bit of cover lust and a I liked the plot idea, but after seeing some of the reviews I must admit my excitement did dwindle a little.

However, when I started reading I was pleasantly surprised to find out I really loved this book. I loved the world building the unique take on Fae magic mixed with Arthurian legend. I particularly liked the way the London setting worked so well.

As a UK resident I tend to get quite annoyed with fantasy novels with a London setting as there are lots of other cities and towns in the UK to set a novel in. But it worked really well in this case, and I really liked the take on the Royal Family. Respectable and likeable characters. 

And Richard was quite swoon worthy from me. I felt his character grew immensely throughout the novel and turned into a fantastic hero. I also absolutely loved Emrys. Powerful but without being overly conceited about it. And it was really well done seeing her come apart as she began to fall for Richard. Her decisions twisted and turned to stay loyal to her Fae beliefs but also she couldn't deny how her feelings were changing. 

The romance was swoony and not insta lovey. So big plus worked. 

The narrative was beautiful. 

I really did love this book and am looking forward to the next one.