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Review: The Diamond Ring

The Diamond Ring (Unbreakable Trilogy, Book 3) - Primula Bond

 I received a copy from the publisher and purchased a paperback copy.

I had pre ordered a copy as soon as could after finishing the last book. Then had a little happy dance when I had an email from the publisher asking if I would like to review. After the ending of the last one? A big hell yes!

While I remember getting a little bored with the second book, the third book was a perfect conclusion. The novel picks up pretty much immediately after where the last one left off. The threat of the appalling ex-wife Margot is no longer a just an unpleasant force. She's an actual threat.


She finally makes an appearance and is is ever bit as vile and nasty as she's made out to be in the previous books. A very very twisted and unpleasant woman determined to destroy the happiness that Gustav and Serena have built. She baits them mercilessly.

(show spoiler)


Gustav and Serena are as strong as ever and pretty much try their hardest to say to hell with Margot. There's the added complication of Pierre and his actions at the end of the second book. 

The plot is a little more than just sex in this one. A lot more on the drama side really. There's some deliciously fun sex scenes that were extremely hot and enjoyable.


 Serena heads off to Paris to do one of her photography commissions in Paris at a French château where there is something like a reality show of a classy porn version of the original Les Liaisons Dangereuses which was a lot of fun 

(show spoiler)

There's a bit more drama while Serena tries to deal with Pierre. Pierre seems to be saying one thing one minute then behaving differently the next. Its hard to know whether to trust him or not. Just when you think everything's going smoothly, Serena goes off to see her cousin Polly who's staying at some sort of retreat in Marrakesh and the plot takes a dramatic, quite frightening twist. 

There were some times during the last part of the book that made you think hang on this isn't going the way it was supposed to end! It did conclude well. All the loose ends were tied up. A perfect ending to a really good trilogy