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Review: Between The Lives

Between the Lives - Jessica Shirvington

I received a copy from Netgalley.


Not for me. Didn't really like this one much at all. It was something I downloaded after I got auto approval from Hatchette Children's on Netgalley. It sounded interesting so figured I'd give it a shot, I'd either like it or I wouldn't.



Unfortunately, I didn't like this one. Review contains some plot spoilers which are hidden. It had a really interesting concept, one girl living two parallel lives and no one knowing about it. Its been that way for years and years, and suddenly, the rules change in her worlds. My main issue with it was I really did not like the main character Sabine. One life she's outspoken and rebellious, the other life she's a spoiled rich girl with perfect friends, perfect boyfriend and a perfect life. I actually preferred the rich princess to the rebel.


Usually I tend to like the rebel girls who go do their own thing regardless. The other Sabine was annoying, and grating. And when she discovered things changing in her world...I really did not like at all the ways she dealt with trying to figure out what was going on. In one life she has a seemingly perfect handsome boyfriend who adores her. Great (while snooty) friends. Annoying older brother, a mom who seems a little dependant on her, but the mom clearly adores her. The other family is less than perfect, but she has a baby sister she adores. A cool if pushy best friend.


And when things start to fall apart...


the truth comes in the less than perfect reality and her parents absolutely flip and freak. They commit her. Immediately. Which in one way I suppose is the logical reaction when your daughter suddenly starts self harming stealing and says she's doing it all because she lives in two lives and needs to find stuff out. Which is a very dumbed down simplified version but I don't want to give too much of the story away. After she's committed in the one life things go from bad to worse...

(show spoiler)


She meets Ethan. Its instalovey and annoying. When they are together while Sabine is in the clinic...they seem to get away with an awful lot. While at some points its mentioned she's under constant supervision and is complaining about it...she has a lot of freedom with Ethan which seem unbelievable.


Whilst in her other life her biggest complication is whether or not to sleep with her perfect boyfriend. Signs are staring to show of the ware on her in the other life. Sabine finally comes to a conclusion. I didn't like the way it was handled. It was fairly obvious, plot wise. The ending did take a surprising twist, and was actually quite emotional.


The narrative wasn't bad, it was well written. It was interesting enough that I read it in a couple of hours, there was just too much about it I didn't agree with. I thought it was an interesting idea, I would definitely read something else by this author, I just didn't like this particular book.


Thank you to Netgalley and Hatchette Children's for the opportunity to view the title.