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Review: If I Stay

If I Stay - Gayle Forman

I was kind of disappointed with this one.


I was expecting a weepy that would make me go through a whole box of tissues. I don't think I even used one. There were a few scenes that made me quite teary. I just didn't feel it.


There were things about it I liked, there were things I didn't like. The story is a compelling one, a teenager with a great boyfriend and a loving family, and in one tragic split second everything changes.


Its impossible not to feel for Mia and the heartache she goes through when she finally works out what's going on and the tough decisions she has to face. The scenes that really got to me were when her best friend comes in and when her grandfather comes to see her alone. Also when Adam's friends pulled together to help get him into see Mia.


I liked Adam a lot, I thought he was a wonderful character. He made a supreme effort to get to know Mia and hang with her family. But...I really did not like Mia much as a character. I found her uninteresting and kind of snooty. It felt like she's this brilliant classical musician but she's...too good for any other sort of music. Then the rocker boyfriend comes along.  Adam's doing all sorts to fit more into her world, but I got the impression she wasn't willing to make the same effort. That didn't sit well with me, and when she finally did, it was like....so?


There was just something about it I'm having difficulty putting into words about why it just didn't really work for me. I didn't think it was the most heart wrenching thing ever written. It was just...okay. I probably won't be picking up the sequel for this one. But I would certainly read something by the author again.