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The DNF blues. And other annoyances. And a Fry Face.

3 dnfs already this month, and 2 1 star books. Boo! What happened to my streak of great books? 


I included the DNFs in my 150 book challenge this year, if I read them, even part (unless I give up below 10% which is very rare) they count. I DNFed 15 books this year before I finished the 150 book challenge and figured I'd use the rest of the year to read 15 more books. With the Holiday Bingo challenge that should be something I could do easily. 


At the moment, it looks like I'm on a DNF streak. 1 Kindle book I purchased, and two of the DNFs are Netgalley requests, which kind of makes me feel bad when I give up on them.  Especially if its stuff I've requested. Publishers are kind enough to accept my request to view the title, but I find I have no joy in reading the book. 


But on the other hand, if I'm not enjoying them I'm not enjoying them. Time to move on. DNFing sometimes makes me grumpy. And it looks like I'm having a grumpy moment.


And another thing that's been mildly annoying me lately....I feel like I should be using the Futurma Fry Face gif  




After a few new friend requests on Goodreads which I approved I keep getting recommended this book I'm not interested in it. So I pretty much ignore the request. Until the same girl keeps sending multiple recommendations, and then starts recommending the second book in the series! Why the hell would I show any interest in the sequel if I' not interested in the first?! Unless they're hoping that the sequel will seem interesting and therefore I will suddenly come to love the first book. Which has happened for me before. Not this time.


So when I got yet another recommendation for the sequel I finally got pissed off and left a comment. I wasn't rude, I simply said its not the first time you've recommended this book to me. I'm not interested, please stop. No response. And later I realise she's unfriended me. A week later...I get another request from a different girl for the same bloody book! I had about 3 girls on my friends feed who seemed to be obsessed with recommending this thing to everyone. There's a point when it gets annoying. So I left a similar commend on yesterday's recommendation. And now it appears I've lost about 4 goodreads friends. Which makes me think they were just there to promote this book.


*Shakes head*. Its not that bigger deal its just very very annoying. I don't mind requests. But not for the same book from four different people!!


Sorry for the ranty post, but I'm having a venting need.