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Review: Talon

Talon - Julie Kagawa

DNFing at 18%.

Very disappointing especially considering how much I loved the Blood of Eden books by the same order. Total cover lust, and the plot sounded really good. The story was not good.

Very silly. Like a cross between a lame action movie with summer teen fluff. The concept had potential, a secret organizations of Dragons (Talon) and the organization that hunt them down (Order of St George) while all this had the potential to be interesting. It was just....stupid. The Order of St George was like a military group, the brighest and best shot in the whole order being only 17, and just sounded annoying and irritating. Granted, he wasn't full of himself or anything. It was just...urg, really? No.

The dragons, Ember and Date who were to filter in with humans over the summer had the potential again to be fun. I did actually like Ember, but the plot even within the 18% I read was predictable and...well..silly.

And kind of obvious over where its going to go. I may pick this up again in the future, but at the moment, its not working for me, I'm not enjoying it. So giving up and moving on.

Crosses off a square for my Holiday Bingo challenge - Fall or Winter release.