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Review: Fiendish

Fiendish - Brenna Yovanoff

This is a very strange book. I honestly don't really know if I liked it that much or not. I absolutely loved the writing. I loved the settings and I loved the main character.


I love small town books, especially small towns with a darker side, and this town's darker side was stepped in dark magic and the families who lived there. Their interaction with the regular townspeople, while could be viewed as irritating and disturbing, was also quite fascinating. 


There was just something about it that also rubbed me the wrong way. I can't even say what it was. Part of it was I think the romance didn't agree with me. The story is about a girl called Clementine who is hidden away in a basement for years and years and somehow manages to survive, she's rescued by a boy named Fisher. The mystery to unravels is whats going on in the town, why magic is acting up and how and why did Clementine get in the basement in the first place. 


But whilst figuring out all these and dealing with being alive in a backwater town that looks down on people with magic, Clementine is obsessed with Fisher. Which in a way is understandable. Fisher isn't even nice to her, he's a jackass. He disses her in front of his friends, and publicly, and yet when they're alone, of course, his feelings change. Didn't work for me. 


I loved the author's take on magic, and I loved the friends Clementine makes, especially her cousin Shiny, who was at times a complete and utter don't take no shit bitch. Clementine herself is a very strange character, but she does seem to have a good moral complex. She gets it set in her to do the right thing, even when others don't agree. 


I loved the build up to the end. The last bit of the book was completely gripping. While there was a lot about it I liked, there were too many things about it that left me with an uncomfortable feeling which is why it didn't get a higher rating from me.


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